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A career in real estate is not for everyone, but if you have what it takes it can reward you like few other careers can. Real estate is a business where rewards come in direct proportion to effort. Great sales associates are confident and project to others that they have the skills necessary to get the job done. Successful sales associates are communicators who listen as well as they speak. A career in real estate requires the ability to overcome resistance and maintain a positive attitude. It is not a nine-to-five job. Being a real estate sales associate means setting your own schedule and being your own boss, but success is also tied to being a team player and making the most of professional relationships. At the end of the day, a successful sales associate knows that meeting customer needs is the only route to success.


At MUMTALAKAT Real Estate our focus is on support. We recognize that we succeed as a company only when our people succeed, professionally and personally. As a professional real estate sales associate, you need the training to stay on top of your game; you need the tools and resources to give you a competitive advantage; and you need the administrative support to allow you to focus on building your business...that's where we come in.

Top Five Reasons to Join a MUMTALAKAT Team

1. Put the world's best known real estate brand to work for you - MUMTALAKAT Real Estate puts the tools and resources at our disposal are second to none and this draws more consumers to us than any other real estate company.

2. Learning never ends - we make it easy - the stars in any industry stay at the top by constantly improving their skills. Our training makes it easy continue your education anytime, anywhere.

3. Great tools - MUMTALAKAT is a recognized innovator in real estate technology. Our commitment is to provide our sales associates with the latest tech tools to make their jobs easier while providing them a definite competitive advantage in the market place.

4. Innovative sales promotions - A wide range of high-quality self-promo products are available from customized brochures, newsletters, stationery, direct mail and everything in between.

5. Global Connections. Local Experts - It's more than a slogan, it's a fact. Our offices provide a supportive environment that fosters cooperation and encourages success. With us, you'll get what you need to improve your chances of making your dreams come true.

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