» Introduction

Mumtalakat Real Estate is a full-fledged real estate company offering professional services to the clients from our Abu Dhabi office located in heart of the city in Hamdan Street and houses a complete professional team, ensuring that each and every undertaking is handled properly.
Mumtalakat Real Estate began early 2005. As our new company emerged and now operational in a booming real estate property industry in Abu Dhabi, the founders set out to achieve and develop strong relations with developers, investors, other agencies, and professional networks from the banking, finance, insurance, maintenance, building and construction industries to support the buyers and sellers of property within United Arab Emirates. Our services cater for local, Gulf Regional and International investors from across the Globe, providing a world wide service.

Within the rapidly growing and developing real estate sector of the UAE, the need to adopt the highest standards and the latest management and service techniques became an inevitable necessity to all investors, developers and property owners, in order to maintain the quality of their property assets, and to achieve the highest returns on investment. Accordingly, and backed by our inveterate expertise in the real estate sector, Mumtalakat Real Estate proved to be an ideal partner and reliable consultancy who serves the owners, developers and investors' interest on the various aspects of the complex real estate market.

Acclaimed as one of the leading real estate companies in the real estate sector and throughout 2 years of experience, Mumtalakat Real Estate has provided a broad range of diversified professional services and consultancies supported by a qualified and experienced team of engineers, consultants, marketing and property management professionals. Thus, our comprehensive services become an essential and vital necessity to all parties involved in real estate, due to the fact that one of the main characteristics of the national economic growth are the rapid growth and the progressive investments at the real estate sector.

Our Mission

To adapt best practices and add value for our stake holders through a professional, innovative, and environmentally friendly approach to global real estate development.

Our Vision

To lead the medium & low sector of the real estate market through the development of a unique concept and offers quality properties with low cost & perfect balance.


  1. Providing investment opportunities for small investors and middle class income nationals through participating in the company's incorporation and through the diversification of company's income sources.
  2. Concentrate on the unexploited middle tier real estate market by developing low-cost properties targeted to the middle class income category of residents, visitors and tourists, which represents 65% to 75% of the real estate market in the United Arab Emirates.
  3. Applying new technologies in various company projects hence to achieve cost reduction in operations, construction and maintenance phases.
  4. Consequently, we have always managed to successfully meet, and even exceeded the investor's expectations & efficiently contributed in their projects supervision.
  5. Provide the ideal consultancies and recommendations that have assured continued success to all projects we have been involved with.
  6. Constantly upgrade our comprehensive services,
  7. Research in order to be in line with the market requirements and developments.
  8. Achieving high returns and profitability to the Investors with low risks.
  9. Providing residential and commercial buildings in a new concept, applying unique designs and offering competitive rates.
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