Investment Strategy

Implement low cost residential and commercial projects for the medium income     category.

Lease and sell real property with competitive prices.

Maintain liquidity and benefit from low interest rates at the banks.

Concentrate on real property project that cater to the limited and medium     income categories.

Buy and sell real property and land in special locations.

Invest in local and foreign shares portfolios.

Hold alliances with companies that implement the modern technology in cutting     costs.

Adding value to the nation, the community, the land, the people living the lifestyle created, and to the     investors supporting our strategy

Business Opportunities

Mumtalakat Real Estate welcomes all Business Ideas, Business Plans, and Partnership Proposals, as it actively embarks in potential feasible businesses and pioneering business activities covering various sectors.

Mumtalakat Real Estate
is certainly the partner of choice for seekers of projects partnerships, or business owners in search of capital to boost their business. Our team will be delighted to discuss growing business ideas and partnership possibilities.

Property Management

Mumtalakat Real Estate provides comprehensive and integrated property management services, in terms of management and marketing, which entitles our clients to enjoy the following benefits:

. Achieving the highest occupancy levels
. Ensuring to have the right quality of tenants, who will be committed to timely    payments of their rents, as to achieve the best collection and the ideal cash flow
. Rationalizing expenditures, yet providing the best sub-contractors and service    companies, as to properly maintain the property, the matter that will preserve and    lengthen its life cycle
. Providing accurate and precise information concerning the various trends, developments and changes that    occur in the real estate market, such as the supply and demand levels, rental levels and expected financial    returns

Property Development Consultancy

Backed up by a professional team supported with the academic knowledge and the practical experience and know-how of the real estate sector, Mumtalakat Real Estate provides various integrated consultancy services pertaining to property development. The scope of such services enables our clients to adopt a well-structured and researched approach either to refurbish an existing property and maximize its revenue, or planning for a real estate investment at the initial stages of studying the feasibility of such development.

Our clients can leverage from these consultancies and be confident while making their decisions on the best available options for any project that they intend to consider for investing in. The scope of our development consultancies covers recommending alternatives for the best fields and areas of real estate investments. Recommendations on the ideal types of buildings, designs, layouts and finishes, as well as the reliable consultants and contractors that investors can get affiliated with, and of course the guidelines that need to be followed in order to maximize their return on investment.

Mumtalakat Real Estate contributes as well with setting development plans taking into consideration market requirements, tenants and buyers preferences and needs, as well as many other provisions and future considerations that the real estate markets would require. Such plans are developed and executed in coordination with the concerned architects, consultants and the owners /investors' project team. Mumtalakat Real Estate have supervised and provided development consultancies to numerous towers and unique developments and projects within the UAE

Freehold Consultancy

The United Arab Emirates is undergoing its biggest real estate boom, especially after allowing freehold to expatriates. In the light of the various developments that are all coming up, and the numerous options available, deciding on the best freehold property by the clients is no longer an easy task.

Due to Mumtalakat Real Estate thorough experience and comprehensive know-how of the various developments, our clients will be able to benefit from such expertise and get themselves the proper consultancies on the available options that suit their budgets, features and requirements which they seek to have in their freehold properties.

Mumtalakat Real Estate provides broad alternatives that cover apartments, villas, townhouses at the various freehold developments, the matter that facilitates choosing the most suitable property at the best possible price. The credibility that we have earned with clients' service at the freehold market is another living evidence of the leading role that Mumtalakat plays in this sector.

Feasibility Studies

One of the most important requirements for a real estate project's success is to conduct a feasibility study before getting started with any investment. At Mumtalakat Real Estate, we provide our clients and investors with feasibility studies that are based on a wide database, precise and accurate information, global knowledge and awareness of the real estate markets and a scientific methodology of carrying out such studies.

Our well-structured real estate feasibility studies always include recommendation and options through which our clients can make their investment decisions with full confidence of their success potentials as well as their targeted returns on investment.

Such recommendations are based on the current and the future anticipated real estate market performance mechanisms, investors' priorities and many other critical provisions that will have their influence on the long term success possibilities of the projects.

Properties Buying & Selling

Mumtalakat Real Estate manages a comprehensive real estate database and operational network on which clients can confidently rely while deciding on what to buy or where to invest or in case they desire to sell any of their properties. Such a database and network is supported with Mumtalakat experienced personnel who are deeply involved and fully aware of the complex and changing real estate market.

In case a client wishes to buy a land plot, Mumtalakat Real Estate, prior to purchase, carries out a comprehensive study on his behalf (that includes feasibility study and plot plans) in collaboration with the pioneer companies in the fields of designing, consultancy and investments. With such studies, the investor will always be confident about the decision he takes especially when it relies on proper real estate market analysis and market trends assessments, including the various economical factors that would influence his investment.

Since the real estate investment is a long term process, and in order to support clients' decision, Mumtalakat Real Estate provide investors with different recommendations concerning the best elevation, designs, building type as well as features and amenities and finishes. With such information, investors get fully aware of their upcoming project even before they actually buy the desired land plot.

Once it comes to ready buildings, we recommend to the seller a number of potential buyers, as well as recommending the needed refurbishments and developments to the building in order to improve the property's performance and accordingly achieve the best market value for the same. Accordingly, and due to the credibility that Mumtalakat Real Estate has earned throughout the years, we have managed to attract a broad base of investors, corporate and major developers from different countries to depend on our recommendation whenever it comes to buy or sell a property. The gigantic deals that Mumtalakat Real Estate got involved with are only a proof of the leading and pioneering role that we play in the real estate sector.

Property Marketing

Whether for luxurious freehold developments or for leasing properties, retail or commercial developments, the creative marketing team of Mumtalakat Real Estate conduct the necessary marketing studies that cover planning and actual implementation for each and every type of a real estate development. Our marketing plans get professionally performed in order to achieve the targeted objectives for investments.

Our marketing plans start with providing an executive summary on the current market situation, competitors, as well as the potential opportunities and possible threats involved with any project that we handle and for the different market sector within the real estate market. Along with the executive summary, our marketing team provides professional recommendations concerning the best selling/renting rates that tally with the going supply and demand levels as well as the factors that need to be consider while positioning and marketing the different types of properties.

Mumtalakat Real Estate then adopts the latest marketing techniques and strategies to achieve investors' targets through approved marketing budgets that handle the various required marketing mix for each individual project, and in line with the prevailing market trends and needs.

Marketing services cover all possible means of property promotion like planning and executing media and promotional campaigns, in line with direct property sales, supervising and developing all required printed materials. Moreover, our marketing activities cover participating in exhibitions and conferences that reach the properties' targeted clientele in, outside the country, and in accordance with the marketing strategy requirements.

On a regular basis, the marketing team monitors and evaluate the results and achievements of the various marketing activities in order to insure that the plans are going on the right track and the objectives are being achieve accordingly.

Property Evaluation

Mumtalakat Real Estate is an official accredited and approved "Evaluation Expert" for many government and private organizations among which are courts, banks, and a wide base of investors, developers and private firms.

The evaluation reports include the assessment and inspection of the properties/buildings and providing detailed appraisal reports all in accordance with the international regulations and guidelines and as per the latest approved methods and standards.

Evaluations are carried out for the following purposes

. Mortgage lending and loans
. Loans security through properties
. Property sale or purchase
. Internal accounting
. Properties insurance


Mumtalakat evaluation services cover all real estate sectors, mainly

. Lands and plots
. Commercial and industrial properties
. Residential properties
. Retail sector

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